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IKEA Trådfri: Internet of Things done right

After almost two weeks of research, we have come to the conclusion that this is going to be the perfect companion hardware to work with Home Assistant.


With Trådfri, IKEA has managed to put out an affordable and secure home automation system that does not compromise on functionality or design. There are still some downsides which I expect to get resolved in the future.

As it currently stands, this is going to be the perfect companion hardware to work with Home Assistant: local, affordable, secure. And as cherry on the pie, local push will make us aware of changes right away.

A quick look at the Ikea Trådfri lighting platform

From a security perspective, this is pretty close to ideal. Having no remote APIs means that security is limited to what's exposed locally. The local traffic is all encrypted. You can only authenticate with the device if you have physical access to read the (decently long) key off the bottom.

Overall: as far as design goes, this is one of the most secure IoT-style devices I've looked at.

IKEA TRÅDFRI: A smart light in the darkness of IoT-Security

From the security point of view IKEA built a solid eco system with no real security issues at the technical side.

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